India's top 50 VFX Companies: A Comprehensive Overview

In the dynamic world of visual effects (VFX), certain companies consistently shine as pioneers and trendsetters. Their innovative techniques and mastery of digital wizardry have not only transformed filmmaking but have also reshaped audience expectations.

From creating fantastical creatures to crafting breathtaking landscapes, these top VFX companies are the architects behind some of the most iconic moments in cinema and television.

India has emerged as a significant player in the global visual effects (VFX) industry, boasting a robust ecosystem of companies that have made profound impacts both locally and internationally.

These top VFX companies are not only instrumental in transforming the visual landscape of Indian cinema but also in collaborating on major Hollywood productions, showcasing their expertise on a global stage.

Join us as we explore the forefront of visual storytelling and celebrate the creative brilliance of Top 50 Vfx Companies in india.

  • VFX Globe
  • Prime focus
  • Red Chillies VFX
  • MPC Film (Moving Picture Company)
  • Double Negative (DNEG)
  • technicolor India
  • Tata Elxsi
  • Prana Studios
  • Anibrain
  • Makuta VFX
top 50 vfx companies in india
  • Rhythm & Hues Studios
  • Prasad EFX
  • Digital Domain India
  • Firefly Creative Studio
  • MPC Bangalore
  • Phantom FX
  • Xentrix Studios
  • After Studios
  • Genesis VFX
  • Mr. X
  • Technicolor India
top 50 vfx companies in india
  • Reliance MediaWorks
  • Crest Animation Studios
  • Vajra Studios
  • Futureworks
  • FX School
  • Toonz Animation India
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Famous Studios
  • Green Gold Animation
  • Shemaroo Entertainment
  • Pixel Digital Studios
  • DQ VFX
  • Digital Frontier
  • VFX Post
  • Visual Computing Labs (VCL)
  • Web2Desk Animation Studio
  • Films Rajendra
top 50 vfx companies in india
  • Pixion
  • Reliance Animation
  • Annapurna Studios
  • Mudra Communications
  • Maya Digital Studios
  • adooworks
  • Golden Robot Animation
  • Vertex Volt
  • RedefineFX
  • The Mill

These companies represent a diverse spectrum of VFX capabilities in India, from industry giants handling blockbuster Hollywood films to specialised studios catering to regional cinema and advertising. Amongst Top 50 Vfx Companies in india each contributes uniquely to the visual storytelling landscape, showcasing India’s growing prominence in the global VFX industry.