India's top 20 VFX Companies: A Closer Look

India’s VFX industry has witnessed exponential growth over the past decade, positioning itself as a key player in global filmmaking and media production. Here’s an in-depth exploration of Top 20 Vfx Companies in India,  each contributing uniquely to the industry:


VFXglobe is a well-known VFX studio based in Chennai, India. They specialise in providing high-quality visual effects and post-production services for films, television shows, commercials, and other media projects. Chennai, being a hub for the Indian film industry, houses several such studios, and VFXglobe is among the prominent players in this field.

Top VFX companies

2.Prime Focus

A global leader in VFX and post-production services, Prime Focus has worked on numerous Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters, known for its high-quality output and extensive studio network.

3.Red Chillies VFX

 Part of Red Chillies Entertainment, founded by Shah Rukh Khan, this studio excels in creating groundbreaking visual effects for Indian and international films, including the iconic “”Ra.One.””

4.MPC Film (Moving Picture Company)

 MPC’s India division has been pivotal in delivering stunning VFX for globally acclaimed movies like “”The Lion King”” and “”Godzilla vs. Kong,”” blending creativity with technical excellence.

Top VFX companies

5.Double Negative (DNEG)

 With a significant presence in Mumbai, DNEG contributes cutting-edge VFX to major Hollywood productions, maintaining a reputation for innovation and visual storytelling.

6.Technicolor India

 Operating from Bangalore, Technicolor offers comprehensive VFX and animation services, supporting a wide range of projects from film to immersive media.

7.Tata Elxsi

 Known for its diverse capabilities in VFX and animation, Tata Elxsi collaborates with global clients across film, television, and advertising sectors, focusing on technical innovation and creative solutions.

8.Prana Studios

 Prana Studios, with bases in Mumbai and Los Angeles, specializes in animation and VFX for feature films, including contributions to popular franchises like “Transformers” and “Tinker Bell.”


 Based in Pune, Anibrain is recognized for its expertise in creating complex visual effects for international productions, enhancing narratives in films such as “”Life of Pi”” and TV series like “”Game of Thrones.””

Top VFX companies

10. VFX

 Makuta VFX, headquartered in Hyderabad, is celebrated for its contributions to VFX-intensive Indian and global films, emphasizing technical proficiency and creative excellence.


 Located in Mumbai, BOT VFX specializes in crafting visual effects for feature films, television series, and commercials, known for its dedication to detail and visual storytelling.


 Founded by Ajay Devgn, Ny VFXWAALA is renowned for its contributions to Bollywood films, offering state-of-the-art visual effects solutions that enhance storytelling and cinematic experience.

13.Rhythm & Hues Studios

 Rhythm & Hues’ Indian division continues to deliver world-class VFX for international productions, leveraging its global experience and local talent pool effectively.

Top VFX companies

14.Prasad EFX

 Prasad EFX, based in Chennai and Hyderabad, provides a wide array of VFX services for Indian and international films, integrating creativity with advanced technology.

15.Digital Domain India

 Digital Domain’s presence in India enhances its global reach, contributing to VFX projects for Hollywood and local productions, focusing on immersive storytelling and visual innovation.

16.Firefly Creative Studio

 Located in Chennai, Firefly Creative Studio excels in VFX and animation services, collaborating with filmmakers worldwide to bring imaginative visions to life on screen.

17.MPC Bangalore

 MPC’s Bangalore studio is pivotal in delivering top-tier VFX for global films, utilizing advanced technology and creative talent to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

India's top 20 VFX Companies: A Closer Look

18.Phantom FX

 Phantom FX, based in Mumbai, specializes in creating dynamic visual effects for films and advertising campaigns, known for its commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

19.Xentrix Studios

Xentrix Studios, headquartered in Bengaluru, offers comprehensive animation and VFX services, contributing to international projects across film, television, and digital media.

20.After Studios

 After Studios, located in Mumbai, provides innovative VFX and post-production solutions for films and commercials, emphasizing creative collaboration and technical expertise.

These are the Top 20 Vfx Companies in India. These companies showcase India’s progress in the global VFX landscape, combining technical expertise, creative vision, and a robust talent pool to deliver compelling visual narratives across various platforms and genres.